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2015-20156 EM Cup


2015-16 EM Cup Champions: Eastern Michigan University

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2015-2016 EM Cup Results 

What is the EM Cup?

The EM Cup was established in order to address a common issue within intercollegiate atheltics: Are athletic departments practicing effective spending methods in correlation with number of championships earned?

The purpose of the EM Cup is to bring awareness to NCAA athletic departments that are maximizing fiscal resources through championship victories. In other words, the less money spent in relation to number of championships won, the more points are earned.

All NCAA FBS Division I member institutions are eligible to compete for the EM Cup. Throughout the year, Dr. Shane Hudson and his Graduate Assistants track the number of conference, and national championships earned by each qualified institution. At the conclusion of the athletic competition year, EM Cup scores will be calculated using the number of championships earned, along with total athletic department operating expenses. 

How are the EM Cup Scores Calculated?

Because athletic departments are unique from one another in size, economic strength, and number of opportunities available to win championships, the EM Cup results are calculated using a formula to even the playing field.